CME manufactures small steel work boats and tugs for the logging industry. These powerful vessels range in size from 15 feet up to 30 feet, the most common of these vessels we build and sell are the 18 foot super winders. They are 18 feet in length with a beam of 8 feet and draft of 6 foot 4 inches, usually powered by a Diesel engine producing 175HP at 1800 RPM driving a 360-degree steerable Olympic drive. These vessels are primarily used to sort and push logs within the booming grounds or at the mill site to push logs onto Peko lifts and most weigh in around 6.5 ton. They are single operator boats with open cabs and most operate in very close proximity to the mills or log dumps.

The next most popular vessels we produce are the Pod Dozers, these boats range in length from 18 feet to 28 feet and are used for the same type of work as the sidewinders but have the ability to tow logs and usually have a full operators cab for two people.

We manufacture many other types of vessels for the logging industry, from swifter barges used to bundle up logs to aluminum crew boats used to move workers to their work sites.