Machining Services

With a solid reputation for consistently delivering innovative solutions along with dependable service, high quality workmanship and competitive pricing, Canadian Maritime Engineering Ltd (CME). is the source for all your machining, welding and fabrication needs.


CME’s integrated modern machining and fabrication plant offers a full range of equipment and experienced operators.

  • Conventional lathe machines in accordance with specification sheets
  • Full range of milling machines
  • Large vertical boring
  • On-Site Machining

Our on-site machining service using portable machines can handle anything from milling to boring, to flange facing, to shaft turning and more. Experienced staff, modern mechanical equipment and on-site know how assures you of the most effective and efficient job right on site, to save you time and money.


This fan blade was dynamically balanced in accordance with 150 1940/1 and ANSI 5.19. It was better than a G2.5 state of balance. The SP computer readout can sense where the weight of a pencil tip eraser sized weight is attached to the rim of a 500lb rotor. The computer can distribute the correct offset weight over 2 or more propeller or fan blade tips to provide exact corrections. This is just static balance. A rotor can be in perfect static balance and still shake violently from dynamic imbalance (wobble). Weight on the leading and trailing edge where it is 180 degrees opposite each other will dramatically lower life of bearings, seals on attached drives. CME precision dynamic balancing corrects this.

The balancing machine capacity is 120″ swing and 20 tons.


Cincinnati Milicron Sabre 2000 CNC Mill. Has 1.8-ton capacity milling table with: x travel of 80″ lateral, y travel of 30″ cross slide and z capacity of 32″ mounted cutter tip to bed. The unit has a CNC 30″ swing diameter indexing table plate with tail stock for indexed radial milling drilling slots or helical grooves or flats. Can rotate at milling feed speeds or index. This setup has been used for five sided contour milling for 3D prototypes. MasterCam X4 software can read and use SolidWorks, Inventor and Solidedge files amongst others.


Matsuura MC600H Horizontal Milling Centre 23″ x 17.7″ x 21.65″(z) 880 lb. CPY with dual pallets for reloading/offloading during machining cycle. Mori Siki CNC Turret lathe-slant bed. 9.45″ x 22″ long has slanted sliding tool mount plies multi tool/live tool turret at tail stock end.