Peacock Marine Engineering

NETE provided CME with contractual specifications that could only be based upon preliminary technical specifications and requirements. Nevertheless, CME has been extremely responsive and flexible in meeting the evolving requirements and schedules for this project. All CME staff encountered to date have demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and technical competence. Fred Blinn, Peacock Marine…

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Edmunston Energy

CME has performed satisfactory work on a 1Mega-Watt 1929 vintage Allis Chalmer hydro turbine, in accordance with tender call # EN 2008-13. CME completed the refurbishment and re-alignment of the hydro-turbine. The work also required precision machining of bearings, shafts and runners. Various on site and off site work requiring skilled expertise was performed. CME…

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Annapolis Tidal Sluice Gate Project

This project involved replacement, refurbishment and manufacturing of certain components related to the Annapolis sluice gates and guides. These roller gates are approximately 30 ft. wide x 24 ft. high, weighing approximately 30 tons. This contract involved a very tight schedule with a completion date that was not flexible. CME approached this project by first…

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Annapolis Royal Tidal Power Generator

Replace sluce gate, support seals, and idler sheaves for operating Tidal Power Generator. Annapolis Tidal Power operates the world’s first commercial tidal power electric generating station which has been in service since 1984. Upgrades to power generator structural components and hoisting systems and winches.

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Aviation Fuel Polisher Assembly

Components were extracted from client’s shipboard faculty and reinstalled on a container mount frame which was to be relocated on a wharf or deck mounter. Used on site for ultra-high filtering of aviation fuel from delivery to tank and from tank to final end use. Filters remove particulate and water droplets which could compromise engine…

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Helicopter Crash Simulator

CME was responsible for the fabrication and assembly of these components. Shown is a complex jib crane style of make lift hoist to support and deploy a simulated passenger helicopter. In practice this hoist dunks the simulator in a water pool and inverts it. Trainees are riding in the simulator in a safety controlled escape…

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Custom Duct Fabrication

These duct sections, some up to 50’x14’x12′ were designed for exhaust filtration duct work for a new thermal power generator under construction in Maryland. Early delivery was paramount. Material was made with heat resistant JA387 grill alloy requiring special welding procedures. Handling and assembling large panels was a challenge. CME designed equivalent structural sections in…

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Fluidized Bed Furnace

An affiliate company has designed an efficient method to reclaim used foundry sand for indefinite re-use. After the molten metal pour and solidification, the process removes the resin as well as dust and carbon fibres. The cleaned sand achieves more reliable mold detail and allows gas venting into the sand body due to removal of…

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Military Crane Overhaul

The Department of National Defense land operations have 20 Krupp cranes for field engineering and recovery which were no longer supported by the original equipment manufacturer. CME submitted a proposal to develop ways to refurbish these cranes to a fully acceptable working condition. They were dismantled, inspected, repaired or refurbished mechanically, hydraulically and electronically. A…

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