Other Products

Supplier Name Product Lines Territory
Alfa Laval Marine product lines only. Oily water separators, heat exchangers, water and oil purifiers All of Canada
PEP Membranes for RO units, liquid filtration, gas filtration, static mixing, Mokveld valves All of Canada
Barclay MacDonald Centrifuge oil purifiers, fuel delivery services, battery recovery and maintenance, fluid tank heaters
Atlas Tranbec Tires, full automotive lines, chemicals, sealed lights, consumables, etc. All of Canada
Danfoss Hydraulic pumps and motors, hydraulic valves, consumables, etc. All of Canada
Fairview Fittings Hydraulic hoses, fittings All of Canada
United Muffler Marine mufflers, flex pipe, etc. All of Nova Scotia
Hydro Slave Hydraulic line trap pullers